Lesser Violetear

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Colibri cyanotus

Lesser Violetear

The Lesser Violetear, also known as the Mountain Violet-ear is a medium-sized and metallic green hummingbird. This species and the Mexican Violetear were conspecific and together called the Green Violetear.

Its average length is around 3.8 - 4.7 inches. It has a black, very slightly curved bill of medium length, about 0.71 - 0.98 inches.

It is shining green above with a glittering violet ear-patch on the sides of its neck.

Throat and chest are a more glittering green with shining green belly.

Its tail is a metallic blue-green with more bronzy central feathers and a prominent black subterminal band.

Solitary males sing from high, exposed twigs in their territory every day.

Their song is a monotonously repeated sharp and dry "tsu-tzeek" at a rate of about one call per second.

Primarily feeds on nectar and small insects. 

Canopy and borders of subtropical and lower temperate forest, secondary woodland and scrub, and clearings and gardens in the subtropical zone on both slopes of the Andes.

Breeds from the highlands of Costa Rica and western Panama; mountains of northern Venezuela, and the Andes from western Venezuela to western Bolivia.

The female chooses the nest location, generally on a low, small horizontal branch in a protected area. She builds a sturdy cup-shaped nest from various plant materials, spider webs, and down woven together to form a sturdy cup structure.

She lays 2 small white eggs and incubates them on her own. Incubation time is 14–18 days.


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