Magenta-throated Woodstar

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Calliphlox bryantae

Magenta-throated Woodstar

The Magenta-throated Woodstar is a tiny hummingbird with long tail often cocked up. Slow bumblebee-like flight and the only woodstar in its range.

Males measure about 3.5 inches long and weigh 3.5 grams while the females are 1.2 inches long and lack the males' long tail.

Males are unmistakable with its magenta throat separated by a white collar from the green chest and flanks.

Back is green and the belly is rufous. There are white rump patches, and the black-tipped tail is long and forked.

Females are generally like the males' but their throat is gray-buff instead of magenta, and tail sides are rufous.

Immature birds are like the females, but are paler below and with buff fringes to the upperparts plumage.

The males' song is a spluttering gurgle, and the call a dry "chi" or territorial "chrrrrt".

Diet consists of nectar taken from a variety of low-growing tree flowers, shrubs and herbs.

Various forest types; thinned woodland, secondary growth, forest borders, clearings and scrubby pastures.

Central America: found in the highlands of northern Costa Rica and western Panama.


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