Orange-breasted Bunting

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Passerina leclancherii

Orange-breasted Bunting

The Orange-breasted Bunting is a species of passerine bird in the family Cardinalidae.

It grows to a length of about 5 inches.

Adult male has a pale green crown, turquoise blue nape and upper parts, often tinged with green, and a turquoise tail. Lores, eye-ring and underparts are canary yellow, deepening to golden- orange on the breast.

Adult female has grayish-green upper parts and yellow underparts. Iris is dark brown, and the beak and legs are gray.

The song is a rather plaintive warble, rather slower and less drawn out than that of other members of the genus.

They are seed-eaters, with some fruit and invertebrates being eaten. Birds in captivity will consume white millet, hemp seed and thistle seed, as well as hard sweet apples, ant cocoons and mealworms.

Inhabits tropical dry forest and arid scrubland, thorny thickets, bushy deciduous woodland, clearings and woodland edges.

Endemic to Mexico. Its range extends from the Pacific coast in southern Nayarit, Jalisco, Michoacán and Guerrero to western Chiapas, and inland to the western part of Puebla.

Nest is a cup-shaped structure formed of rootlets, grasses and dry leaves, with a softer lining and is built in a low bush or thick scrub.

A clutch of 3 or 4 bluish- white or greenish-white eggs are laid.


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