Red-banded Fruiteater 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pipreola whitelyi

Red-banded Fruiteater

The Red-banded Fruiteater is a species of bird in the family Cotingidae.

It is a medium-sized bird, measuring about 6.5 inches in length.

Adult males have grayish-green upper parts with a distinctive long golden stripe that runs above the eye and round the ear-coverts.

Chin and belly are gray and there is a broad, orange-red chest collar, and yellowish-ochre under-tail coverts.

Females have similar head markings, a yellowish patch at the side of the neck, and moss-green upper parts.

They do not have a chest collar and underparts are grayish-white, boldly streaked with black. The beak and legs are pinkish-gray.

The male has an orange iris and the female's is ochre.

Juveniles are conspicuously spotted on upperparts.

Distinctive song is a long (3–4 sec.), very high, thin whistle, falling then rising in pitch, and given at long intervals; pair contact calls are short peeping notes.

Eats fruit and is most reliably seen at fruiting trees and shrubs.

Found only in tepui highlands (above 1000 meters) where it inhabits middle and upper levels of wet forests and seems to prefer those with heavy growth of mosses and epiphytes.

Restricted to the humid highland forests of the tepuis in the southeast of Venezuela and western Guyana.


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