Rose-Throated Becard

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pachyramphus Aglaiae 

Rose-Throated Becard

The most distinguishing characteristic of this bird is the rose-colored neck bib found in adult males.

Males are mostly gray in color, with a contrasting darker upperside and a pale gray underside, they also have a black crown.

Females are mostly brown, with a rusty brown upperside and a pale buffy underside. They have a dark gray crown, not nearly as stunning as the males.

BILL: dusky, relatively short, stout, and slightly hooked.

SIZE: small, measures about 7 - 7.5 inches in length, with a wingspan of 11 inches.

WEIGHT: weighs about 33 grams.

COLOR: rose color, gray, black, brown, rusty-brown and buff.

Feeds heavily on insects and spiders, but will also feed on seeds and berries.

Pine-oak woodlands and evergreen forest.

South-easternmost Arizona and extreme southern Texas of the United States to western Panama.

CALL: A mournful "seeeeuuuwww".

NEST: The female builds a large, football-shaped nest that hangs down from a tree branch, with a hole near the bottom.

EGGS: 3 - 6 eggs.

Their foraging behavior varies. They may glean insects from foliage, or capture them by flycatching.

They can be difficult to observe as they often forage high in the forest canopy.

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