Red-browed Finch

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Neochmia temporalis

Red-browed Finch

The Red-browed Finch is a beautiful bird that can be easily recognized by the bright red stripe above its eye, and bright red rump.

Adults are about 4.33 - 4.72 inches long and weigh around 8 - 14.6 grams.

They are easily distinguished by the bright red stripe above the eye, and bright red rump. The rest of the body is gray, with olive wing coverts and collar.

Juveniles do not have red brow marks and lack the olive coloration on the collar and wing coverts.

They are diurnal birds spending most of their time foraging and communicating with their short, piping high-pitched cheeps.

When disturbed, the whole flock will disperse, cheeping, and re-congregate near-by.

Feed mainly on grass and sedge seed and will even enter large-mesh aviaries in suburban areas to eat seeds. They may also consume berries and insects.

Live in temperate forest, dry savannah and may also be found in dry forest and mangrove habitats in the tropical regions.

They prefer semi-open woodland, especially edges of forests, where brushy scrub meets cleared areas, especially near creeks.

Found on the east coast of Australia. 

Both sexes builds a large domed nest with a side entrance, woven from grass and small twigs. It is usually built 2 – 3 meters above the ground in dense shrubs. Nesting is communal.

The female lays 4 - 6 white eggs. Incubation period is about 13 - 14 days, by both parents.


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