Red-tailed Comet

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sappho sparganurus

Red-tailed Comet

The Red-tailed Comet is the only species placed in the genus Sappho.

It is one of the largest hummingbirds, with the males reaching a length of 8.66 inches and the females up to 5.91 inches.

Males have green-gold back that fades to a long, shimmering red tail which is distinctive even from a distance.

They have a shining gorget. They have a deeply forked, spectacular, long, iridescent, golden-reddish tails, longer than the length of the body.

Females have a shorter reddish-bronze tail.

CALL: A hoarse chattery call.

Main diet consists of nectar from a variety of plants, including Dunalia.

Generally, occurs in arid or open habitats, to and above treeline, and tends to be most abundant near flowering Cardon cacti and tree tobacco.

It is frequently found around human habitation in agricultural areas, cities and towns.

Found in the central Andes of Bolivia and Argentina, in Chile and in Peru.

Nest is a substantial cup-shape made from moss, lichen and animal hair. It is placed under rocks on steep hillsides.


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