Feeding wild birds has been an American pastime since the early days of our history. It dates back to the times of Henry David Thoreau and Emily Dickinson. It also provides the unique opportunity to enjoy nature's beauty up close and personal.

Feeding wild birds is also good for the environment. As it helps birds have a stead food source, even during harsh periods.

Birds are a wonderful contributor to the natural ecosystem and the more we understand about them the better.

Also learning about birds can be a wonderful experience for children and grandchildren. As it fosters a respect for nature within them.

Feeding Wild Birds

Bird Feeding

Feeding wild birds in your own backyard is a very good place to start. A feeder will encourage birds to visit your yard. Birds are a great source of mosquito control. So encouraging them to hang around can be great for you too.

It's important to also have a source of clean drinking water near by. There are filtered bird ponds  that can be set up almost anywhere without trouble.

Filtered bird fountains prevent the water from becoming stagnant, through the use of a pump. This gives wild birds a place to bathe and drink. it's also highly amusing to watch the birds enjoy the water.

Keep Pets Out

You want your bird feeding sanctuary to feel safe for the birds. So if you have pets it's important to keep them out the bird area.

The presence of a cat or dog will scare may birds away. Believe it or not birds have a long memory and will avoid a dangerous area for years. '

Ensure that the fountain area also has access to ample perching areas is also important. You want plenty of greenery for birds to build their nests and to hide in.

Take Time To Enjoy Your Bird Watching

Bird watching is probably one of the most relaxing hobbies there is. Just imagine yourself sitting in a comfy lounge chair and sipping lemonade. While just a few feet away a family of gorgeous birds is splashing about.

So many beautiful birds will be attracted to your yard that you'll be hard pressed to identify them all.  Bird watching is also a hobby that you can share with the entire family.

People of all ages enjoy observing birds. You may want to instruct small children not to to rush into the bird watching area -- as they may scare the birds away.

Watching wild birds is a fun hobby that almost anyone can do. It involves learning how to identify certain  birds. You also need to know what sort of foods are appropriate to the birds in your area.

You don't need to be an expert to enjoy this hobby. There are excellent books on bird watching and even instructional videos.

You can also attract birds to your own backyard, if you don't want to travel to see birds. You may be surprised to discover the wide range of breeds in your own backyard.

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