Rivoli's Hummingbird


(Eugenes Fulgens)

Rivoli's Hummingbird is a large hummingbird species, formerly known as the Magnificent Hummingbird.
BILL: black, long and thin bill.
SIZE: large hummingbirds measuring 4-6 inches in length, with 6-8 inches wingspan. Have pointed-wings and forked-tail.
WEIGHT:  7-8 grams.
COLOR: green, black, white, purple, gray, iridescent.
FORESTS: lives at the edges of montane oak forests, pine and oak forests associated with scrubby areas, coniferous forest of higher mountains, clearing with flowers, desert grasslands, open woodlands and streamside.
NECTAR from many flowering plants, widely-spaced flowers, they also feed on sugar-water mixtures in hummingbird feeders.
INSECTS small insects and spiders.
NEST: open cup lined with soft downy feathers and mosses, the exterior is covered with lichen, bark, and even seeds, held by spider silk. Measures 2.2 inches wide and 1.8 inches deep. The inner cup is 1.4 inches wide and about 1 inch deep. The nest is built on a horizontal branch, at least 19-20 feet above the ground.
EGGS: 2 eggs, white, smooth- surfaced, tiny oval, 0.6-0.7 inches in length, and 0.3-0.4 inches in width.
INCUBATION: 15-19 days, female only.
Feeds low to high on exposed perches Males may be highly territorial in some areas and nonterritorial in others, depending on food availability. Typically subordinate to Blue-throated Hummingbirds.
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. Spends winter in Mexico.


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