Rosy thrush-Tanager

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Rhodinocichla rosea

Rosy thrush-Tanager

The Rosy thrush-Tanager or Rose- breasted Thrush-tanager is a shy, rather furtive bird and difficult to observe.

It is about 8 inches long.

Males are distinctive, with a long streak above the eye, pink in front of the eye and white behind.

Upper parts are dark, brownish-black, the flanks are dusky gray and the underparts magenta, as is the leading edge of the wing.

Females are generally similar to the males but the rosy-magenta is replaced by a deep ochre color.

Beak is long and slightly curved, resembling that of a mimid.

Pairs call back and forth with varied rich whistles and clucks. Respond well if a recording of its voice is played to it.

Its song is a rich succession of clear notes, and is sometimes sung in duet, two birds alternating in its production.

It is the only tanager known to sing in this way.

Diet is a mixture of animal and vegetable matter.

Typical habitat is thick undergrowth in deciduous forests, secondary woodland, thickets and scrubland.

It most frequently occurs in the mountain foothills at altitudes varying between 500 and 1,500 meters.

Central America and northern South America includes Mexico, Costa Rica, northern Venezuela and northern Colombia.


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