Scarlet Robin

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Petroica boodang

Scarlet Robin

The Scarlet Robin is a common red- breasted Australasian robin in the passerine bird genus Petroica.

Like the rest of the Australasian robins, it is a stocky passerine with large head. It ranges in size from 4.7 - 5.3 inches in length and weigh between 12 - 14 grams.

Plumage is sexually dimorphic.

Males have black heads, backs and tails, black and white wings, a scarlet red breast, and white belly, forehead and rump.

Females match the males in pattern, but are duller, with brown plumage instead of black, a much more washed-out red on the breast, and a buff belly.

Juveniles resemble the females without the reddish wash on the breast.

Feeds on arthropods, such as insects and spiders.

Most commonly found in eucalyptus woodland and forest, from sea level to 1000 meters, particularly the more open habitats with grassy and shrubby understories.

During the winter, more open environments, including urban habitats, are frequented.

Endemic to Australia, where it is found near the coast from southern Queensland to central South Australia, Tasmania and southwest Western Australia.

Both the male and the female participate in selecting the nesting site, but only the female constructs the nest.

The clutch size is between 1 and 4 eggs, with 3 being the average. The eggs are gray, green or pale blue, and marked with brown to olive-brown splotches and spots, usually concentrated around the large end.

Only the females incubate the eggs, and the males feed the females on the nest. The chicks hatch after 14 - 18 days.


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