Shining Honeycreeper

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cyanerpes lucidus

Shining Honeycreeper

The Shining Honeycreeper is a small, warblerlike tanager. It is very similar to the Purple Honeycreeper.

It measures about 3.94 inches in length and weighs about 11 grams. It has a long black decurved bill.

Males are purple-blue with black wings, tail and throat, and bright yellow legs.

Females have green upperparts, a greenish-blue head, buff throat and buff- streaked bluish underparts.

Immature birds are similar to the females, but are greener on the head and breast.

CALL: A thin high-pitched "seee"

SONG: The male's song is a "pit pit pit pit pit-pit" repeated for minutes at a time.

Feeds on nectar, berries and insects, mainly in the canopy.

Found in humid evergreen forest and edge.

Found in the tropical New World in Central America from southern Mexico to Panama and northwest Colombia.

The female builds a shallow cup nest in a tree, and incubates the clutch of two eggs.



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