Choosing Beautiful Hummingbird Feeders

It goes without saying that hummingbirds are a wonder of nature. A true joy to watch and experience. They have amazing, light features and can be extremely fun to watch. Because of this, you want to be able to have the right hummingbird feeder set up. To bring them into your space for your viewing pleasure. There are plenty of beautiful hummingbird feeders that you can choose from. Knowing the style that is best for you will come with some distinct advantages.

What Do You Feed Hummingbirds?

The average hummingbird has a metabolism that is roughly 100 times that of a full grown elephant. Hummingbirds have to eat up to three times their body weight every single day. Even though hummingbirds get a good deal of nectar from hundreds of flowers each day, they also take in a lot of protein. Protein from eating insect eggs, spiders, larvae and soft bodied insects.

You will need a great nectar solution and a right feeder, to attract hummingbird varieties with a great appetite. They will know that they can count on a source of delicious nectar. You will see them coming back over and over again, visiting your beautiful hummingbird feeders.

Feeder Size

A large feeder will be a good choice if you usually get a good number of hummingbirds in your yard. If you are only used to attracting a handful, you can go with a medium or smaller sized feeder. It is a good idea to change your nectar every couple of days. So that it will stay nice and fresh. Selecting the appropriate size for the amount of traffic that you get will be crucial.


You will usually find two popular shapes in hummingbird feeders. One being a bottle feeder and the other being a saucer shape. This is pretty much a matter of personal preference. Some of the tube feeders may drip when left in the direct sun, the air in the top expands. If you enjoy the tube feeder style, make sure that it is out of any direct rays of sun.


There are a lot of beautiful hummingbird feeders that have bright red parts. These are said to attract hummingbirds by drawing their attention. However, the hummingbirds will happily come in for feedings if the nectar is nice and fresh. Again, the color of your feeder will be more of a personal preference. There are great styles available in all different color combinations.

Whether you are looking at beautiful hummingbird feeders for your own yard or to give for a gift, you will find that there are plenty of amazing options to choose from. The end result will be happy hummingbirds that you can enjoy throughout the season.


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