Most of us are concerned with keeping animals out of the garden. This is especially true for those of us who garden. Why is it important for us to feed the surrounding population of birds? It seems like doing this would only encourage them to bother us more. This hasn't been my experience. Putting out a bird feeder actually distracts birds from crops, or flowers we might have growing out in the yard.

Bird Feeders Are More Appealing

Squirrels, and birds would rather attack the seeds filling up the bird feeder then dig up seeds in your garden. Animals are surprisingly smart. If they see an easier meal available, they're unlikely to go for the harder one. Obviously, a squirrel or a bird, would rather pick up seeds that were spilling over an open feeder then seeds that are berried in dirt.

Children Love Watching Bird Feeders

Those of us who have kids, or grandchildren, know how mystified they get whenever they see an interesting looking fish tank, a butterfly, and especially wildlife like squirrels and birds. Having a bird feeder in the yard is a great way to attract these furry, or feathery friends. That way, your little one can get an up close view. Adult supervision is always a must.

Some Birds Transfer Pollen

Pollen transfer isn't a job that's just done by bees. Many different bugs, and other animals, play a role in what gives the plants that inhabit our garden the ability prosper, and multiply. Squirrels lay down the foundation for new tree growth. They're known for their forgetfulness. Many of the trees around us are the result of forgotten acorns.

The Maintenance Is Easy

Bird feeders can easily be cleaned with a hose, without even touching the bird feeder itself. If you have to touch it, you should wear gloves. Make sure there is no soap on the bird feeder after cleaning; as this could harm the animals.

The Supplies Are Easy To Find

Bird seed is available in mass for relatively cheap amounts at almost any grocery store that's in a residential area. Even Walgreen's has bird seed that's appropriate for wild life. If you'd prefer not to leave your home, you can buy your bird seed on Amazon. Make sure you aren't buying parrot food though.

Different Styles

Many choose to buy traditional bird feeders. Those cute, cottage-looking ones. Others find the more modern, metal ones to be appropriate. Whatever your taste, or style, you're sure to find the perfect bird feeder to match it. Some bird feeders can contain a lot more bird seed then others.

Get Your Bird Feeder Now

Get your bird feeder now before the summer hits. You know you will miss the show if you don't get your bird feeder before all the birds have left. If you'd like to view, colorful, interesting-looking birds, then you need to make sure you get your bird feeder before the season starts. It's a pleasant addition to any backyard.

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