Siberian Thrush

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Geokichla sibirica

Siberian Thrush

The Siberian Thrush is a member of the thrush family, Turdidae. The genus name Geokichla comes from Ancient Greek geo-, "ground-" and kikhle, " thrush". The specific sibirica is Latin for Siberia. It is a shy and retiring bird, seldom leaving dense cover.

It is similar in size to the Song Thrush. It measures about 9.05 inches in length, with a wingspan of 13. 78 inches and weight of 70 - 90 grams.

Males are dark slate-gray (black from a distance) overall, with an elegant, curving white eyebrow.

Females are dark brown with a scaly pattern on the face and underparts.

Immature males are similar to females but replaces the female's brown with dark gray and has a grizzled whitish face.

Males sing from high perches, giving a series of throaty two-note whistles.

Feeds on a wide range of insects, earthworms and berries.

Prefers well-shaded, damp areas of mid-elevation forests for breeding; winters in hill and montane forests. Forages mostly on the ground.

Breeds in taiga in Siberia.
Winters in southeastern Asia.
A very rare vagrant to western Europe.



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