Sinaloa Wren 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Thryophilus Sinaloa

Sinaloa Wren

The Sinaloa Wren is a bird of western Mexico, primarily inhabiting tropical deciduous forest clearings and edges. 

Adults measure 5.5 inches in length, with a wingspan of 9 inches.

The plumage is rather plain, with bold white eyebrow and indistinct stripes on sides of the neck. There are no similar-looking species in its range.

SONG: Variable but typically, a series of descending notes.

Their diet is composed primarily of insects.

Found in tropical deciduous forest, most often in and around forest edges and forest clearings and nearby undergrowth and shrubbery.

It is endemic to Mexico, with rare but regular sightings in the United States, in Arizona.

Like other wren species, the Sinaloa Wren male often builds multiple nests in order to attract a female.

Sinaloa Wren


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