Sooty Thrush

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Turdus nigrescens

Sooty Thrush

The Sooty Thrush, formerly known as the Sooty Robin is a very dark montane thrush.

It is robin-sized, measuring about 9.45 - 10.04 inches in length and weighs 96 grams on average.

Males are brownish-black with black wings and tail, and a black area between the orange bill and the eye. Legs and bare eye ring are orange and the iris is pale gray.

Females are similar but are browner and somewhat paler, and have yellow-orange bare parts.

Juveniles resemble the adult females but have buff or orange streaks on the head and upperparts and dark spotting on the underparts.

CALL: A grating "grrrrkk".

SONG: The breeding season song is a gurgling squeaky "chuweek chuweek seechrrzit seechrrzit seechrrzit seechrrzit tseeur tseeur tseeur tseeur".

Feeds on insects and spiders, and also eats small fruits, especially Ericaceae and Solanum.

An abundant bird of open areas and oak forest edge normally above 2200 meters altitude.

Endemic to the highlands of Costa Rica and western Panama.

It builds a heavy grass-lined cup nest in a tree 2 – 8 meters above the ground.

The female lays 2 unmarked greenish- blue eggs between March and May.



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