Many of us bird watchers share a common problem. We can't seem to keep the squirrels out of our feeders. Squirrels can really devastate a garden. They love eating many flowers, especially sunflowers. The last thing we want to do is attract them into our garden so they can have a snack. Luckily, good engineering has eliminated this problem.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Caged Proof Feeder
Many squirrel proof bird feeders work because of their design. The way they look isn't attractive to squirrels. Also, the hole that allows enough room for a bird isn't large enough for an entire squirrel's body. This is known as the caged squirrel proof bird seed feeder. Basically, the surround metal forms a cage-like structure that isn't wide enough for anything larger then a few inches..

Weight-Sensitive Mechanism

They're squirrel proof bird feeders that work through a weight mechanism. The sensor is trained to shut the trap that opens the seed port if it detects the weight of anything larger then the average bird. It will remain open under the weight of light birds. Larger birds may cause the seed port to close.

The cost

When browsing common listings on Amazon, a bird feeder that's squirrel proof goes for around $30. There is a small one, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, for around $10. For a full sized, squirrel-proof bird feeder, that works, expect to pay somewhere around $25-$30. In stores like Walmart, you can expect to see similar prices. Small businesses obviously charge more. It's important to support them though.

Look At Reviews

Amazon is filled with verified customer reviews. It's very important to make sure that the review you're looking at is verified. If it isn't, there isn't a way to tell whether or not the review was left by a third party member. Many of the squirrel proof bird feeders on that site have received high, verified reviews. Simply looking at Amazon to see reviews does not commit you to purchasing the item from them. It's simply a way to become informed on the quality.

Other Methods For Keeping Squirrels Away

Besides having a squirrel proof feeder, they're other things you can do to keep squirrels out of the garden; and from even going near the bird feeder. Make sure you aren't planting too many flowers that they're attracted to. It's almost impossible to plant sunflower seeds in an area with a large squirrel population.

Check your feeder as often as possible. Make sure the mechanism that's keeping the squirrels away is still in working order. Weight mechanisms, along with cages, sometimes break. If you choose a product with high reviews, it's unlikely that you'll suffer from any issues.

Get Your Bird Feeder As Soon As Possible

The summer's coming up. Make sure you have your bird feeder before all the birds come back to your area. They won't come until after the snow melts, but you don't want to miss a single one when they do!

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