There are a lot of people who have found feeding bird in their backyard a rewarding hobby. This, however can be very frustrating to those people who do not know how to design their feeders to be squirrel-proof. This help you to avoid wasting a lot of the bird feeds to this animals. You have a number of ways you can accomplish this. You can either buy specialized squirrel proof bird feeders or design one.

Some of the best bird seeds like the black oil sunflower seeds and nuts are attractive to the squirrels as they are to your birds. Most people welcome the squirrels to their backyard as an addition to their backyard wildlife. But this is not the case to some people because of the high appetite that this squirrel have.

Squirrels are not like birds. This means that they will scare away the birds instead of sharing a feeder. They also stay at a single feeder until it runs empty. This means that they have the ability to consume a lot of bird seeds even before the birds get to feed enough. The squirrels also damage the wooden and plastic feeders leaving them in a state that they cannot be useful again.

The good thing is that there are techniques that one can use to control this squirrels. You must also take care not to lose the appeal with your birds. Experts recommend that you use different unique methods that are there to squirrel-proof your feeders.

Most squirrels can jump a height that is greater than 10 feet. You should then place your feeders away from trees or some other places that the squirrel cam use as a launching point. This will make it difficult for the squirrel to get into birdfeeder. You should ideally place your feeders on a smooth pole that is 6 feet high and make sure there are no launching points within a 12 foot radius.

You can also place a wire cage around a feeder. This cages should have opening that are not too big to allow the squirrel in or too small to keep the birds away. There is an added advantage where the cages will also prevent larger birds feeding from the feeders. There are feeders that come with these cages already installed or you can just mesh your feeders.

There is another technique of adding metal or plastic baffles below and above the feeders. The baffles are specially design and they are 15 inches wide, this makes sure that the squirrel does not get around them. The squirrel baffles are made to tilt in a way that, if the squirrel climbs on it, the animal will be off-balanced.

There are a lot of other methods the can be used in squirrel proof bird feeders. There are some that are expensive to make and others are cheap but effective. Besides using this techniques, you should also keep the area surrounding the feeders very clean. This ensures that there are no spilled seeds that could be attracting the squirrels.

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