People try all day every day to come up with good lawn decorations. There are stone gnomes that do goofy, silly things. There are gardens. There are fountain statues and all sorts of things. But if you are looking for an incredibly good piece of lawn decoration that can be a great boon to the community, you should look no further than installing a few bird feeders!

What good are bird feeders when you are trying to decorate your lawn? Will they not simply bring a bunch of pests to your yard, forcing you to engage in scorched earth tactics to take care of the problem? Scorched earth tactics to get rid of pests will simply leave your lawn dessicated and barren. That would be incredibly poor decoration!

Well, there is a small problem with many bird feeders bringing squirrels. But there are also ways to avoid those things. And many of the animals that come by to feed on bird feeders are not pests at all, but actually quite beautiful and interesting to look at!

Picture your morning. You wake up, head to the kitchen, and go to make your morning coffee. As you fill the water and think about your life, you peek outside. And there, at your lawn bird feeder, you see the beautiful wings of several birds. They are simply hanging out, making their beautiful bird noises and eating the wonderful food you have put out for them. They make their nest, raise their young, and generally act in a bird like fashion.

Then, as you put the pot of water on to boil, you continue looking out at your beautiful bird feeder. You see the squirrels dancing and playing around it, skittering up the pole in order to steal a few seeds, arguing and fighting with each other. You smile, because it is a little happy moment to help start your morning.

Bird feeders are relatively inexpensive to add onto your yard, as well. There are many stores out there that sell bird feeder kits. You can put one together with only a minimum of knowledge, and then you can simply hammer it into the ground. Then you can fill it with a number of different kinds of seeds and grains, finding out what local birds are going to want to eat and what you can afford. Then you simply keep it filled up!

Ultimately, it is up to you if you want to add such a decoration as a bird feeder to your yard. However, it is one of the most pleasant things you can add, and instead of simply being decoration that gets old and moldy and serves no useful purpose, a bird feeder serves a great purpose. It will also bring more birds to your neighborhood and that will be a boon, as well. Everyone loves to have more birds fly around, to eat bugs and make pretty noise. So why not be the person who brings the birds?!

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  • It was a good piece of advice when you told us to find out what local birds want to eat when we decide on the kinds of seeds and grains to fill the bird feeder with if we plan to add them as a decoration for our yard. I worked hard on my backyard garden these past three months, so I was thinking of maximizing its beauty more by adding decorations like bird feeders. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for where I can find outdoor bird feeders online soon.

    Clare Martin

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