The Ultimate Hummingbird Nectar Recipe Guide

Hummingbirds are tiny birds that are prevalent across most parts of the world. They are also beautiful, and not to mention their sounds are highly melodious. However, due to their small size, it takes them a lot of effort to flap their wings.

All hummingbird has to feed multiple times during intervals of twenty minutes or so. This is because they burn a high number of calories when they fly and travel. Hence, these birds have to visit about thousand to two-thousand flowers a day for nectar.

The items that hummingbirds eat vary significantly, but their most favorite meal is nectar. However, now it has become more challenging for these mammals to access flowers. Many reasons such as habitat loss, deforestation, and much more contribute to this.

If you are a bird lover or prefer to have hummingbirds in your backyard, then you might be thinking of ways to attract them. Well, the best solution is to keep a feeder outside your property and fill it with nectar. To help you further, here is a hummingbird nectar recipe that will make your task easy.

Materials For Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

A key feature of making hummingbird nectar is that it does not require much effort and time. Additionally, you don’t need loads of ingredients to prepare the food. Here are the materials that you will require to make nectar:

The Ultimate Hummingbird Nectar Recipe Guide
  • Sugar – ¼ cup
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Small saucepan
  • Spoon

These measurements will allow you to make adequate nectar for a few days in one turn. If you want to make the food in bulk, you can improvise the ratio.

Typically, to make nectar, you should have a ratio of 1:4 between sugar and water. For example, if you are using two cups of sugar, you should add eight cups of water. 

This ratio ensures that the ingredient dissolves properly so that it does not cause the hummingbird trouble.

The Ultimate Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

The only complex thing about a hummingbird nectar recipe is the ratio of sugar and water. If you understand that entirely then the rest of the process is straightforward. This is because nectar is just a plain sweet solution.

Here are the steps that you should follow when making nectar for hummingbirds:

Combine The Ingredients

Combine The Ingredients

Once you have taken out the sugar and water into cups in correct proportions, you must mix them. First, you should add the liquid into a saucepan and then put in the sugar. 

By using the spoon, you should mix them thoroughly. The best time to stop will be when sugar dissolves a bit in the water.

Heat The Saucepan

Heat The Saucepan

When making hummingbird nectar, a key thing to keep in mind is that sugar won't dissolve entirely in the water. You must heat the saucepan after combining the ingredients. This will slow down the process of fermentation which is essential for dissolving.

When heating the saucepan, you must ensure that the flame is at a low level. This will provide uniform heating to the mixture for proper slowing down of fermentation. Additionally, you should heat for only a minute or two. Please keep in mind not to exceed the time limit.

Allow The Solution To Cool

Allow The Solution To Cool

This is the last step of our ultimate hummingbird nectar recipe. Before adding the nectar to the feeder, you should let it cool. Under no condition should you add a warm solution to the container.

When the nectar is hot, the hummingbirds don't tend to enjoy it. Besides that, the throat of this living being is sensitive. If you inaccurately measure the hotness, then you may end up wounding the hummingbird.

How To Make The Best Hummingbird Nectar

Making hummingbird nectar does not require many skills. However, the taste can vary significantly depending on your ingredients. Here are some tips that will help you make the most delicious nectar:

Use Clean Water

Water is an integral ingredient of hummingbird nectar which is you must ensure it is clean. Typically, there is no harm in using tap water for preparing food. However, if your supply source contains chemicals or has an odor, you should reconsider it.

One of the ways to ensure the water is clean is by boiling it. This will remove impurities from it, making it suitable for drinking. Apart from that, you can use bottled water as well for making nectar. 

Many conservationists recommend that everyone should boil water when preparing hummingbird food regardless of the source. A key thing to note is that boiling reduces the volume of water. So you should measure your ratio again after doing it.

When the proportions of water and sugar are incorrect, the nectar will be sweeter. Hummingbirds prefer this more, but your feeder port can become clogged when the sugar crystallizes.

Use Only Refined Sugar

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when making the hummingbird nectar. All experts recommend that you should use the standard table or refined sugar for preparing the food. So we request you never use sweetening alternatives.

Substances such as honey, corn syrup, brown sugar, molasses, and much more should never be used to make hummingbird nectar. This is because they hinder the digestion of these creatures and cause harm.

Besides that, artificial sugars and other alternatives do not have the adequate nutritional value that hummingbirds require. So it will still be hard for them to fly if they feed on such nectar.

Honey and other substitutes can also lead to the death of the hummingbird. That is because they ferment quicker than the standard sugar. Thus, they are more susceptible to mold, which can be fatal for the birds.

Final Thoughts

That was our complete hummingbird nectar recipe guide. Preparing the food for these birds is straightforward and inexpensive. The only precautions you should take are when measuring the proportions.

Besides that, you should read and understand the tips thoroughly. Once you do that, you can make the best nectar for hummingbirds in your vicinity. These measures will also allow you to keep them safe.


The Ultimate Hummingbird Nectar Recipe Guide

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