White-Chested Emerald

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Amazilia brevirostris


The White-Chested Emerald is a small hummingbird with short, black bill and completely white underparts.

It measures approximately 3.54 inches long and weighs 4.7 g. The black, straight and fairly long bill is nearly 2 centimeters long.

Both sexes are similar. They have bright golden-green upperparts, becoming bronze on the tail, white underparts, and its flanks are green, or white spotted with green. Tail is tipped with purple-black.

SONG: A churring “tche-tche-tche- tche-tche”.

Feeds on nectar, usually taken from the flowers of large trees, but sometimes from smaller plants such as Heliconia. They also take small insects.

It is a bird of cultivation, woodland and forest. Found in savannas, dry forests, and disturbed habitats.

Found in eastern Venezuela, the Guianas, Trinidad and far northern Brazil (Roraima).

Nest is a small cup made of plant fiber and placed on a horizontal tree branch.


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