White-Eared Hummingbird 

(Basilinna Leucotis)

White-Eared Hummingbird, found in high tropical mountains is a rare breeder in the United States.
BILL: red with black tip.
SIZE: small hummingbird, measures 3.4 inches in length, with wingspan range of 4-5 inches. They have pointed wings and fan-shaped tails.
WEIGHT:  3-4 grams.
COLOR: green, blue-green, black, white, purple, buff, red, iridescent.
FORESTS: clearing and edges of coniferous forests in higher mountains, pine-oak woods at middle elevations, and often coming to feeders in mountain canyons, areas dominated by oak, pine, or Douglas-fir.
NECTAR mostly from red tubular flowers, and sugar-water mixtures in hummingbird feeders.
INSECTS small winged insects and spiders.
NEST: compact, cup-shaped made of plants, moss, pine needles, and spider webs, lined with fine plant down, covered in lichens and moss, and built from 5-20 feet above the ground in a shrub or tree.
EGGS: 2 eggs, white in color.
INCUBATION: 14-16 days, female only.
Hovering while feeding on flowers, and plucking insects from their foliage. They are territorial and spend most of their time at the lower and middle levels of the forest, and near banks of low flowers.

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