White-necked Puffbird

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Notharchus hyperrhynchus

White-necked Puffbird

The White-necked Puffbird is a species of puffbird in the family Bucconidae.

It is measures about 9.45 - 9.84 inches in length.

It is mainly black and white, with a prominent black band separating the white chest and belly. This is contrasted on the back with a white neck band separating the black back from the crown.

A black eyestripe runs from the beak to the crown, passing through a dark red eye. The bill is massive and black.

Diet consists of large insects and small vertebrates, along with some vegetable materials.

Lives in mostly humid to semi-arid (somewhat dry) secondary forests, mixed pine and oak woods, forest edges and clearings, and plantations.

Southern Mexico through Central America to the Chocó, northern Colombia (including Magdalena Valley), northern Venezuela, and the western and southern Amazon Basin.

Both the male and female dig nests in former termite nests built in trees usually 12 - 15 meters above ground, but can range from 3 - 18 meters. Holes in the ground are also used as nests.


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