Pine Grosbeak 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pinicola Enucleator

Pine Grosbeak

Adults have a long forked black tail, black wings with white wing bars and a large bill.

Males have a rose-red head, back, and rump.

Females are olive-yellow on the head and rump and gray on the back and underparts.

Juveniles have a less contrasting plumage overall, appearing shaggy when they molt their colored head plumage.

BILL: stout, hook-tipped, blackish, but the lower mandible has a pinkish base.

SIZE: measures from 7.9 - 10.0 inches in length.

WEIGHT: weighs from 52 to 78 grams.

COLOR: black, white, rose-red, olive-yellow, gray and pink.

Seeds, buds, berries, and insects.

Coniferous forests with spruce, fir, larch, and cedar.

Northern Eurasia and North America.

Their voice is geographically variable, and includes a whistled "pui pui pui" or "chii-vli." The song is a short musical warble.

NEST: The female builds a bulky open cup nest on a horizontal branch or in a fork in a conifer tree, often spruce or fir, about 2-6 meters above the ground, or lower in a shrub.

It is made of twigs, rootlets, and weeds, and the cup is lined with softer grass, lichens, and moss. It is usually well hidden in the dense foliage.

EGGS: 3 -4 pale blue eggs with darker dots and markings.

INCUBATION: 13 -14 days, female fed by the male.

NESTLING PHASE: 13 - 20 days.

They are monogamous and solitary nester.

Partially migrant, and may exhibit irruptive behavior while moving long distances for food.

They sluggishly hop between braches nipping off the new growth of trees or snatching seeds and fruits.

They also hop or walk along the ground when searching for fallen seeds or fruits.

The oldest recorded Pine Grosbeak was a male, and at least 9 years, 9 months old.

Pine Grosbeak Infographic





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