Song Sparrow 

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Melospiza Melodia 

Song Sparrow

Adults have brown upperparts with dark streaks on the back and white underneath with dark streaking and a dark brown spot in the middle of the breast.

They have a brown cap and a long brown rounded tail.

Their face is gray with a brown streak through each eye.

They have dark brown eyes, dark brown to pinkish brown legs and feet.

Both sexes are similar.

Juveniles look similar to adults, but duller and buffer with finer streaks on face and underparts.

Face and head stripes are less distinctive.

BILL: brown, conical bill.

SIZE: measures range from 4.3 - 7.1 inches, with a wingspan of 7.1 - 10 inches.

WEIGHT: weighs about 11. 9 - 53 grams.

COLOR: brown, gray, pink, buff, and white.

SUMMER: insects and spiders.

WINTER: seeds of grasses and weeds, also feed on assorted berries, and may feed on small mollusks and crustaceans (near coastal wetlands).

Open bushy areas, especially near water in dry regions, also in dense undergrowth near streams and ponds, in forest edges, and near hedges.

BREEDS - South Alaska to Central Canada, until Mexico and North Georgia.

WINTER - South Canada to Mexico and Florida.

SONG - includes varied series of 2 to 6 phrases, starting generally by several clear notes, followed by buzzing “tow-wee”, trills and other complex notes.

CALLS - a harsh and nasal “chimp” but we can also hear a thin “tsee”.

NEST: The female builds a simple, sturdy cup made of loose grasses, weeds, and bark on the outsides, then lined more tidily with grasses, rootlets, and animal hair.

EGGS: 3 -5 blue-greenish spotted brown eggs.

INCUBATION: 10 - 14 days, female.

They often skulk in thickets and brush, but males may be conspicuous when singing from higher perches.

Primarily forages on the ground, but also sometimes in trees and shrubs.

The oldest known Song Sparrow was at least 11 years, 4 months old.

Song Sparrow Infographic






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