Yellow-bellied Siskin

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Spinus xanthogastra

Yellow-bellied Siskin

The Yellow-bellied Siskin is a small, boldly patterned finch.

It is 4.13 inches in length and weighs 12 grams.

Males are entirely black except for a bright yellow belly, tail sides and wing patches.

Females are dark olive green above, and have pale yellow underparts which become brighter on the belly. They have a blackish tail and wings and also have bright yellow primary wing patches and tail sides.

Young birds resemble the females, but have dusky fringes to the upperpart feathers and smaller yellow wing and tail patches.

CALL: A sharp "pyee".

SONG: A pleasant chattering twitter. The males may sing socially.

Main diet consists of seeds, supplemented by small insects.

Humid forests and forest edges and clearings; coffee plantations and shrubby areas at altitudes between 800 - 3000 meters.

Breeds from Costa Rica south to southern Ecuador, central Bolivia and the highlands of northwestern Venezuela.

Nest is a shallow cup of rootlets, bark, and lichen. It is placed 2.4 – 3.7 meters high in dense foliage of a small tree in a clearing.

The clutch consists of 2 - 3 green-tinged white eggs which are incubated by the female.


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