Allen's Hummingbird Migration Facts

Migrant/Resident: Allen's Hummingbird
Scientific Name: Selasphorus sasin
Conservation Status: Least Concern (Population decreasing)


Allen's Hummingbird Migration Fact 1

The Allen's Hummingbird is a remarkably early migrant compared with most North American birds.


Allen's Hummingbird Migration Fact 2

Northbound birds may depart their wintering grounds as early as December, arriving on their breeding grounds as early as January when winter rains produce an abundance of flowers.


Allen's Hummingbird Migration Fact 3

During the breeding season, female and male Allen's Hummingbirds occupy different habitats: Males establish territories within areas of coastal shrub, while females move into forest to build nests. There are two subspecies of Allen's Hummingbird, each with its own wintering destination.



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