Question and Answer Time

Question and Answer Time! Hummingbird Facts!

Calliope Hummingbird Facts

Calliope Hummingbird, the smallest bird in North America was named after the Greek muse Calliope.

Broad-Billed Hummingbird Facts

Broad-Billed Hummingbirds are brilliantly colored hummingbird species that are usually found in the forests of the Andes in South America.

Blue-Throated Hummingbird Facts

Blue-Throated Hummingbird, also known as the Blue-Throated Mountain Gem is the largest hummingbird that visits the United States.

Foiling a Bully Hummingbird

What would you if you have a male hummer that acts like he solely owns a feeder? Read on to discover!

Costa's Hummingbird Facts

Costa’s Hummingbirds are hummingbird species that thrive in a desert habitat.#hummingbirds #hummingbirdfacts #hummingbirdspecies                ...

9 Fun Facts About Hummingbirds

Amazing facts about hummingbirds!

The Real Diet Of Hummingbirds

What is the real diet of hummingbirds? Read on to find out!

Parts of Albino Hummingbird

Understanding Abino Hummingbirds more.

Cinnamon Hummingbird

Cinnamon Hummingbird, a rare vagrant to North America, is a bicolored hummingbird with bronze-green upperparts and cinnamon colored underparts.

Booted Racket-Tail Hummingbird

Booted Racket-Tail is a hummingbird species that is found in the Andean Cordillera of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

Rufous Hummingbird Facts

The Rufous Hummingbird is one of the feistiest hummingbirds in North America,
and relentless attackers at flowers and feeders. They are known for their aggressiveness. They also make one of the longest migratory
journeys of any hummingbird in the world.