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Walking Hummingbird

Amazing and rare footage of a walking hummingbird.

Talamanca Hummingbird

The Talamanca Hummingbird or Admirable Hummingbird is a large hummingbird that ranges in Costa Rica to Panama.

A Hummingbird Feeding The Babies

Amazing! A hummingbird feeding the babies!

Hummingbird and Bee Face-off

Posted in bee hummingbird
What caption would yours be?

Hummingbird in a Rain Storm

Watch and discover how a hummingbird fight off rain drops.

Hummingbird Sleeping While Hanging Upside Down

Adorable hummingbird sleeping while upside down.

What Does a Hummingbird Symbolize?

What does hummingbird symbolize? Here's a brief explanation.

This is Hummingbird Heaven

More about hummingbirds!

Hummingbird Species List - Sparkling Violet-Ear

The Sparkling Violet-ear is one of the most widely distributed hummingbird species in the highlands of northern and western South America, including a large part of the Andes, the Venezuelan Coastal Range and the Tepuis.

Hummingbird Species List - Spangled Coquette

The Spangled Coquette is a tropical hummingbird found in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Hummingbird Species List - Sombre Hummingbird

The Sombre Hummingbird is a large and dull hummingbird that is endemic to Brazil.

Hummingbird Species List - Snowy-Bellied Hummingbird

The Snowy-Bellied Hummingbird is a species of hummingbird that is found in Costa Rica, Panama and far north-western Colombia.