Parts Of A Hummingbird - Hummingbird Anatomy

Hummingbirds are unique and fascinating. Their anatomy is different than any other bird in the world. Every part of a hummingbird has a unique structure.

Hummingbird Wings - Hummingbird Anatomy

Unlike any other bird’s wings, the wings of hummingbirds enable them to fly forward, backward, hover, and even fly upside-down for a short period ...

Hummingbird Under Tail Coverts - Hummingbird Anatomy

The under tail coverts of a hummingbird could be seen when they are hovering.

Hummingbird Tongue - Hummingbird Anatomy

Hummingbirds can extend their tongue as far as their bills are long.

Hummingbird Throat - Hummingbird Anatomy

The throat or gorget of a hummingbird, is one of its easiest field marks.

Hummingbird Rump - Hummingbird Anatomy

Some hummingbirds have different colors on their rump than on their back.

Hummingbird Flanks - Hummingbird Anatomy

The hummingbird's flanks may show a color wash that can be useful in distinguishing the different hummingbird species.

Hummingbird Feet - Hummingbird Anatomy

Hummingbird's feet are not for walking, they don't even use it for launching upward flight.

Hummingbird Eyes - Hummingbird Anatomy

Hummingbirds have an excellent vision, they are able to see ultraviolet light, which makes their world even more colorful than ours.

Hummingbird Eyelids - Hummingbird Anatomy

Hummingbirds are among the many animals that are gifted with a third set of eyelids.😮

Hummingbird Crown - Hummingbird Anatomy

A hummingbird's crown may show iridescent color, it can change by shadow and light.

Hummingbird Chin - Hummingbird Anatomy

A hummingbird's chin is hard to see because of its small size.