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Spangled Cotinga

The Spangled Cotinga is a compact, medium-sized bird found in the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest in South America.

Curl-crested Aracari

The Curl-crested Aracari is a docile South American toucan that inhabits tropical and subtropical forests of Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil. It is the only bird with a curly-crested crown and is the second largest aracari.

Black-rumped Flameback

The Black-rumped Flameback, also known as the Lesser Golden-backed Woodpecker or Lesser Goldenback, is a woodpecker found widely distributed in the Indian subcontinent.

Blue-capped Rock Thrush

The Blue-capped Rock Thrush is a species of bird in the Muscicapidae family. It is a thrush-like Old World flycatcher that breeds in the foothills of the Himalayas and winters in the hill forests of southern India.

Crimson Sunbird

The Crimson Sunbird is a tiny sunbird which feed largely on nectar, although they will also take insects, especially when feeding the young. Most species can take nectar by hovering like a hummingbird, but usually perch to feed most of the time. It is a resident breeder in tropical southern Asia from India, through Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam.

Fire-breasted Flowerpecker

The Fire-breasted Flowerpecker is a tiny songbird of forested mountains and the upper reaches of hills and valleys. It is found in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

Great Barbet

The Great Barbet is an Asian barbet native to the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia, where it inhabits foremost forests up to 3,000-meter altitude.

Indian Pitta

The Indian Pitta, also known as Navrang (nine colors) is a colorful, stubby-tailed bird native to the Indian subcontinent. It breeds in the forests of the Himalayas, hills of central and western India, and migrates to other parts of the peninsula in winter.

Indian White-eye

The Indian White-eye, formerly known as the Oriental White-eye is a small, gregarious yellow bird with an off-white belly and white "spectacles".  It is a resident breeder in open woodland on the Indian subcontinent.

Red-billed Leiothrix

The Red-billed Leiothrix is a plump, brightly colored babbler that is native to Asia, from the eastern China west to the Himalayas; introduced to Hawaii, Japan, Reunion Island, and parts of Europe. It has become a common cagebird and amongst aviculturists and goes by various names: Pekin Robin, Pekin Nightingale, Japanese Nightingale, and Japanese (hill) Robin.

Shining Honeycreeper

The Shining Honeycreeper is a small, warblerlike tanager found in the tropical New World in Central America from southern Mexico to Panama and northwest Colombia. It is sometimes considered to be conspecific with the Purple Honeycreeper, but the 2 species breed sympatrically in eastern Panama and northwest Colombia.

Paradise Tanager

The Paradise Tanager is a brilliantly multicolored, medium-sized songbird found in humid tropical and subtropical forests in the western and northern Amazon Basin in South America, it occurs in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil and the Guianas.