What is Bird Watching? Find Out How to Get Started Today

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Bird watching is also known as birding is a form of recreational activity that can be done with the naked eye or through binoculars and telescopes and by listening for bird sounds.

Celebrating 4th Of July With Birds

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Celebrating July 4th!   Celebrate July 4th With Our All-“American” Slideshow Source

12 Birds That Sing At Night

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Meet the 12 familiar birds that sing at night!   12 Birds That Sing At Night There are many bird species that sing at night. Learning how to ...

Birds That Eat Fruits

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Discover birds that eat fruits including apples! Birds That Eat Fruits-Including Apples Many different kinds of birds prefer fruits as their fo...

12 Birds You Want in Your Yard

Birds that you would want in your yard!   12 Birds You Want in Your Yard Some birds are most welcome because of the good they can do. Here's a li...