Golden Headed Cisticola (World's Smallest Birds)

The Golden Headed cisticola, known as the Bright-capped cisticola, is a species of warbler in the family Cisticolidae, found in Australia and 13 Asian countries.

Brown Gerygone (World's Smallest Birds)

The Brown Gerygone,  previously known as the Brown Warbler, is a small passerine bird native to eastern coastal Australia.

Weebill (World's Smallest Birds)

The Weebill is a remarkably tiny bird with very short, stubby bill. They are widespread in all climates, although localised to watercourses in arid zones. They are somewhat gregarious with other small insectivorous passerines, such as thornbills, silvereyes, and pardalotes.

Spotted Pardalote (World's Smallest Birds)

The Spotted Pardalote is one of the smallest of all Australian birds.