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Buff-Winged Starfrontlet

The Buff-Winged Starfrontlet is a large, long-billed hummingbird found in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Buff-Thighed Puffleg

The Buff-Thighed Puffleg is a small, green hummingbird with a thin and very straight bill. It is often considered a subspecies of the Greenish Puffleg. It is found in Bolivia and Peru.

Buff-Tailed Sicklebill

The Buff-Tailed Sicklebill is a relatively large, heavily-streaked hummingbird with an amazing hook-like bill. It is a species of hermit hummingbird from the lower Andes and adjacent west Amazonian lowlands from southern Colombia and northern Ecuador to Peru and Bolivia.

Buff-Breasted Sabrewing

The Buff-Breasted Sabrewing is a large, green and buff-colored hummingbird found in Brazil and Venezuela.

Buff-Bellied Hermit

The Buff-Bellied Hermit is a small, dull hummingbird with a curved bill similar to the Planalto and Cinnamon-Throated hermits. It is found in Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.

Bronze-Tailed Plumeleteer

The Bronze-Tailed Plumeleteer is a large hummingbird resident in Central America and South America from eastern Honduras to northwestern Ecuador.

Bronze-Tailed Comet

The Bronze-Tailed Comet is a large, long-tailed hummingbird species endemic to the Pacific slope of Andes of Peru.

Broad-Tipped Hermit

The Broad-Tipped Hermit is a boldly patterned, medium-sized hummingbird with a long-curved bill. This species of hummingbird is found in northeast Brazil.

Blue-Tufted Starthroat

The Blue-Tufted Starthroat long-billed hummingbird of South America.

Blue-Throated Starfrontlet

The Blue-Throated Starfrontlet is a large dazzling hummingbird found in the Andes of Colombia and far western Venezuela.

Blue-Tailed Hummingbird

The Blue-Tailed Hummingbird is a medium-sized hummingbird of woodlands, plantations, and forest edges in tropical lowlands and foothills of southern Chiapas and northern Central America.

Blue-Headed Sapphire

The Blue-Headed Sapphire is a striking hummingbird species found in Colombia and Ecuador.