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Black-chinned Sparrow

The Black-chinned Sparrow is a small, long-tailed, pale gray sparrow with a contrasting brown back and a small pink bill. That is generally found in chaparral, sagebrush, arid scrublands, and brushy hillsides.

Bell’s Sparrow

The Bell's Sparrow is a medium-sized sparrow of the western United States and northwestern Mexico.

Baird’s Sparrow

The Baird’s Sparrows are small, chunky sparrows with a flat head and a heavy bill. It is a migratory bird native to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

Bachman’s Sparrow

The Bachman’s Sparrow is a small American sparrow that is endemic to the southeastern United States. They are brownish-gray above with rusty-streaked feathers and a rusty crown.