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Wood Thrush

The Wood Thrush is a medium-sized, pot-bellied songbird that is widely distributed across North America, wintering in Central America and southern Mexico. It is the official bird of the District of Columbia.

White-throated Thrush

The White-throated Thrush is a large thrush, that features a distinctive black and white streaked throat bounded by a solid white crescent. It is found in Mexico and Central America, ranging south to central Panama.


The Veery is a small North American woodland thrush species with a reddish-brown back and speckled breast.

Varied Thrush

The Varied Thrush is a stocky songbird with a large, rounded head, straight bill and long legs. Its song echoes through the dense humid forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Swainson’s Thrush

The Swainson’s Thrush, also known as the Olive-backed Thrush is a medium-sized thrush  with subdued coloration and beautiful, ascending flute-like voice.

Song Thrush

The Song Thrush is a thrush species that has a distinctive song with repeated musical phrases and has frequently been referred to in poetry. It is partially migratory with many birds wintering in southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Red-legged Thrush

The Red-legged Thrush, a bird of the West Indies is a thrush species often associated to the American Robin because they have similar behavior and they often live near human habitations.

Mistle Thrush

The Mistle Thrush is the largest thrush native to Europe. It is often confused with its close cousin, the Song Thrush.

Hermit Thrush

The Hermit Thrush is a mid-sized North American thrush with a rich and beautiful song, sometimes mentioned in legends.

Gray-cheeked Thrush

The Gray-cheeked Thrush is a medium-sized thrush that tends to be shy, often hidden among thick vegetation. It is a monogamous species that breeds in taiga and adjacent tundra, in undergrowth in boreal coniferous forests and often near streams. It has large range, but its reclusive habits makes it difficult to observe.

Eyebrowed Thrush

The Eyebrowed Thrush is an Asian thrush species, that breeds in dense coniferous forest and taiga eastwards from Siberia and Mongolia to Japan.

Dusky Thrush

The Dusky Thrush a member of the thrush family that breeds eastwards from central Siberia to Kamchatka wintering to Japan, South China and Myanmar. It is primarily an Asian bird and a rare vagrant in North America.